Grunt RX-10

download RX-10
Published in Czech language in 2007.
Published in English language in 2011.
Published in Spanish language in 2011.

download RX-10

Grunt RX-10

A Sci-fi comedy Grunt RX-10 is a story of a neurotic machine that is so depressed by being a metallic item without a soul it becomes a renegade in the world of machines.
While escaping the High computer's servants, he (yes, it's a male machine. Yes, I know it's nonsense. Justy buy it, ok?) snatches a female machine and looks forward to interconnecting the fuel tanks when something goes terribly wrong.

After they have both been killed few times by a bored Author a group of mad esorcists imprison them in human bodies. The both desperate machines then have to face the absurdity of life when, being former machines, earn their daily bread by burrying dead humans.

You can download the book in following formats:

Grunt RX-10, English, A4, pdf

Grunt RX-10, English, A5, pdf

Grunt RX-10, English, prc (Amazon Kindle format)

More formats (as ePub, rtf etc.) may be download at

Order a printed version for 10 Dolars at

Order a printed version

A short video featuring Grunt RX-10

You can also download the ePub and prc files or read online as html on, after you register there for free.

Written and translated by Martin Kolacek
English proofreading: Chris Kennard, Anchor English

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I enjoyed reading Grunt

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