19. 3. 2024

The Runner

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Rose, a Czech student of French language, has an unusual pastime - with friends, she infiltrates guarded objects and runs through them. They compete in speed, improvisation, and secrecy.
After the occupation of Bohemia and Moravia, Rose joins the anti-Nazi resistance, realizing that her skills are highly sought after.

Time Miners
A board game, previously called "Solar Miners" has evolved! Time miners are 50% easier to play and 100% more fun. So we hope it will score at least 500% more downloads (which would increase the score to 6).
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The cyberpunk sci-fi "The Deleted Ones" is now available as an audiobook.

Download it for free from iTunes or from Podiobooks.

The books's synopsis:
The Earth is no longer ruled by humans but by Pleasurebots, androids created for pleasure. The main hero, a former human terrorist, is thrust into the remnants of a destroyed city, right into the middle of the Pleasurebots’ love paradise. Here he finds out he has been condemned by both, humans and Pleasurebots, and has no right to live.


The Ruler of Saint Muhehe - audio podcast

The Ruler of Saint Muhehe
The short absurd comedy story is now available in the mp3 format. Read by the Author.

"The Ruler of Saint Muhehe" is a story about how the world dealt with existence of the Independent Republic of Saint Muhehe whose population was composed from one tyrant and a little Ass-mole.



The Deleted Ones

Martin Kolacek: The Deleted Ones
A new book by Martin Kolacek is now available! A sci-fi story from a post-apocalyptic world where androids of pleasure took over the Earth.

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download Grunt RX-10 audiobook


The audiobook Grunt RX-10 available on iTunes

Download the audio book to your mp3 player for free. Can be downloaded from this site, and iTunes.



Spanish version of Grunt RX-10

The sci-fi comedy Grunt RX-10 has been published in Spanish!
So, if you are a native Spanish reader check it out at
Grunt RX-10



The audiobook Grunt RX-10 remastered!

Download the remastered audio book to your mp3 player for free.

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The English version of Grunt RX-10 can be now ordered as a printed book:


The book Grunt RX-10 has finally been released in English!!!
You can download the pdf version at these pages.

A short story "Ruler of Saint Muhehe" has been translated into English.
It can be downloaded here:



A board/tabletop/card game SKELETON or the Lame necromancer can be downloaded from these pages.
SKELETON or the Lame necromancer

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