The Runner

The Runner

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The end of the 1930s. The last months of the free Czechoslovak Republic are being written.

Rose, a Czech student of French language, is not yet concerned with political events. She enjoys youthful fun, including primarily athletics and adrenaline sports of all kinds.
She prefers to dedicate herself to a recently emerged sport, which urban youth jokingly call "running" - with a certain amount of exaggeration. Runners penetrate guarded urban objects and "run through" them. The winner is the one who covers the agreed route the fastest, without being spotted by security.

However, Rose's carefree youth days soon come to an end. Hitler breaks up Czechoslovakia, occupies the border regions, and eventually his troops march into Prague. In the newly created Protectorate, the Czech population becomes a defeated people without a future.
That's when Rose decides to fight.

As she soon discovers, her "running" experiences are highly sought after in the anti-Nazi resistance.

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